Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lainy & Linda

From a Preschooler's Perspective

We were playing some nice relaxing classical music during rest time, when one of the preschoolers exclaimed, "Can you put on something else, I don't like this kind of country music!"

Lainy & Linda

Friday the 13th turned out to be a very entertaining day in the preschool when Tipo's grandma Lainy and her friend Linda came in and put on a rousing musical performance for the preschoolers. With Lainy playing the guitar and both performers singing, they had their audience captivated and engaged from the start. Several fun and participatory songs were covered and at one point percussion instruments were handed out so that the children could join in on the music making. During the concert, Caleb (Becka's second grade son) dropped in to say hello, and he right away exclaimed, "I'm going to stay for this!". Following are some photos of Linda and Lainy and their appreciative audience. We are all hoping that this is the first of many appearances from these very special visitors to our preschool classroom!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

It's Only Rock and Roll!

For a $12 investment I recently bought a dozen cool looking small guitars at the dollar store. When we took them out of the packages and showed them to the preschoolers, I knew that the money was well spent. We put some good old fashioned rock and roll music (the Stray Cats) on the CD player and then the rockin' preschoolers then showed us old timers how to really play the guitar!

After boogying down, up and all around for a while in the classroom, it was obvious that the preschool rock band had to take it's show on the road. First we headed down to the office (where Mrs. Amanda always appreciates the preschoolers' performances). Then, while we were parading back down the hallway, we ran into preschool graduate Lily (who can never pass up an opportunity to take center stage) so she had to join the band.

With the newest member of the band we headed outside and onto the stage of the outdoor classroom where "Lily and the Preschoolers" impressed an audience of 5th/6th graders so much that they performed the wave in appreciation. As a bonus, during the preschoolers' whirlwind guitar tour, we also had special celebrity appearances by Mrs. Tracy and Mr. M.

Finally it was time to head back to the preschool classroom. We still have a bin of cool guitars, however, so if anyone is in need of a rockin' and rollin' guitar band for their next special event, you now know where to find one!

Preschool Rock and Rollers

Mr. M Joins the Band

Lily and the Preschoolers 

Mrs. Becka Provides the Background Tunes 

Mrs. Tracy Joins the Band

The 'Big Kids' Do the Wave

Sunday, September 24, 2017

An Apple Day!

From a Preschooler's Perspective

Preschooler: I love maple ice cream!
Teacher: Do you eat it on a cone or in a bowl?
Preschooler: I don't ever eat it!

An Apple Day!

Question: What do you get when you combine a parent volunteer, a whole bunch of apples, an apple press, an art activity, reading, math, dancing, and lots of fun? Answer: a great day in preschool!

Brooke brought in a lot of apples and an apple press, Becka did the art activity (apple prints), and we read a couple of apple themed books (one about the life cycle of the apple and another about counting apples). The preschoolers counted and added apples, ate plenty of apples, made apple prints, did the apple dance (that they made up) and drank the apple cider that they made. Finally, since we had so much left over cider, we brought it across the hall to share it with our kindergarten pals!

All of this a great example of how our emergent preschool curriculum works. The children are engaged in activities that they really enjoy while all different types of learning (in this case social-emotional, motor, health, language, literacy, math, creative arts, social studies and science) are "embedded" in the activities. Lots of learning and lots of fun - what could possibly be a better way to spend a day at school?

Here are some photos from our Preschool Apple Day:

Holding, Counting & Adding Apples

Eating Apples

Making Apple Cider

Making Apple Prints

Doing the Apple Dance

Drinking Apple Cider